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About Me and What You May Find Here

The Gnarly Old Guy is a work in progress, it will change over time.

I’m a California native and recently moved to the Las Vegas area in Nevada.

Most of my children have grown, and are out of the house, and I find that I have time to do things that interest me.

Some of these interests, in no particular order, are;

Photography – Years ago I wanted to be a photographer and was deterred from that by some factors. I’m going to get back into photography, share some of what I learn along the way as well as sharing what I believe are some of my better photos with you, my readers.

Men’s Style – Style for older men in particular. I like to wear nice clothes and look well presented but never really gave it much thought in the past. I’ll be showing my new purchases and sharing with you the websites I frequent for style tips.

Spirits – I enjoy a good drink and on occasion a single ingredient drink like straight whiskey or rum. As I stated in an earlier post, I want to broaden my knowledge of the various spirits available, learn about the manufacturing process and experience the various flavors.

Cigars – I have a weakness for good cigars but in the past have based the decision to purchase more on price and less on flavor and taste. I want to increase my level of knowledge on t his subject as well and try a wider variety of cigars.

Travel – Gina and I love to travel. Gina is not a big fan of getting on a plane to go someplace, but if the destination is right, I can convince her. I will be sharing some recent past experiences, and our future travels here as well.

Flying – In this case me being the pilot. A few years back I started to get my private pilot’s license, something I’ve wanted to do for years. As in the past, life got in the way once again, and I had to drop the pursuit. I will be starting again here soon and getting it done.

Hopefully, you find this of interest and join me for the journey.